Van Den Hul Crimson XGW Phono Cartridge

Sale price$6,999.00 AUD

Pau ferro wooden body, CNC machined. The Crimson series offers top performance with custom hand-built moving coil phono cartridges, available in polycarbonate or various wood bodies. Featuring a VDH 1S diamond, solid boron cantilever, matched crystal gold-wire coils, and a standard output level of 0.85mV at 5.6 cm/s. The Samarium-Cobalt magnet extends channel separation and enhances tracking ability, while the enhanced front pole and extra magnet improve resolution capabilities and the magnetic field. Each Crimson cartridge is meticulously hand-built by A.J. and William van den Hul and includes a complimentary 250-300 hour service check-up.