About us

Decades of experience in audio related industries, dating as far back to 1975. Includes managing one of Australia's oldest import record store, live performance production, product development, audio sales, a professional recording studio and label, artist management, film score,film foley and musicians.

Audio has been a major part of our lives across many disciplines and Hifi is the ultimate end game.

We aim is to create a carefully considered online store. We value open communication, respecting the subjective views and of course varying budgets.

Music and Artistry is what it is all about, for us playback needs to be an honest, faithful delivery of what the engineers and artist intended... right?

Our famous Australian-made "gluten free" sleeves and accessories for vinyl records we take seriously, vinyl is not only an investment but a wonderful snap shot of your life, friends and influences.

By the way, our vinyl record cleaning and flattening services are available by appointment only, so please make contact to confirm a time.

Groove Out!