Van Den Hul The Lower Friction Oil II (TLF) – Made in E.U.

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Supplied in a 25cc bottle with brush, TLF is a broad spectrum super oil, intended to reduce bearing friction by forming an extremely stable lubrication layer between mechanical parts. It’s particularly suitable for close fitting - tight clearance bearings. The oil offers a superior combination of high performance properties:

  • Can handle a pressure of around 180 - 200 kg/cm² at around 350 degrees Celsius (662 °F) without breaking down
  • A viscosity of just one quarter of water, easily spreading and building a steady nano-thin layer on each surface
  • Doesn’t contain Teflon, graphite or any other particles
  • Doesn’t oxidize or age

Application examples: Turntable bearing noise is dramatically reduced, tone arms float instead of hang in their bearings.